Intelligent Property Buying

Our vision is to catch your vision, to help your nest egg hatch a plan. A slice of New Zealand paradise, financial freedom, a place you love to call home… whatever your dream, it’s our business to understand it. From there we can source, negotiate and manage your New Zealand property, turning floating ideas into a concrete reality.

As buyers agents for Auckland, Hamilton, Queenstown, or just about anywhere in New Zealand, we come to the table with an exceptional blend of commercial and financial acumen, property experience and passion. So you can come to the table knowing we’ve got your interests at heart.

Update on the New Zealand Property Market
presented by Director Alan Henderson in Hong Kong, May 2016

What are the current factors influencing the New Zealand property market?

If you have an interest in property, this presentation will help you make better decisions
to protect and generate your property wealth.

31 May Hong Kong


Customer Testimonial – Brendon, Auckland

“I’ve had a desire to get into the property market for a very long time. However, having little money at university and being away for at least eight months of the year in my current job, I haven’t had an opportunity or the knowledge to develop a property plan to build my personal wealth. This is where you guys helped me immensely!

I initially did the plan session with you and sorted out some realistic financial goals that worked in with my personal aspirations in the long term. You then actioned the plan for me, went out and found the house that fitted my personal needs.

You looked after everything and made it very stress free. Your service and the house I brought exceeded my expectations. The price was less than what I would have expected to pay for the property you sourced for me and the potential for capital growth is great. You once said to me that anybody can buy average properties, but what you do is buy great properties that have potential for large capital growth.

I would recommend anyone who wants to build wealth, or needs a plan, or wants to invest effectively and make good investment decisions, to come and see you.”

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