Client Testimonials

What Our Clients Say About Us


Marina, Auckland:

I just wanted to say thank you for your service and your thorough work finding the house for us. We appreciate the fact that your team made it easy and practically seamless for us, especially in the current market situation, when it is so hard to buy any property in Auckland.

Thanks again for your great work and hope to do business with you again in the future.

Jayne & Brett, London:

We were thinking that it would be a good idea to purchase another property before we permanently move back to NZ in a couple of years’ time. It didn’t seem to be a realistic achievement as we live overseas and couldn’t spend a decent amount of time in NZ in order to search and secure a property. We had also been out of NZ for so long (approx. 10 yrs) we had little knowledge of the current state of the property market, which added another barrier.

It was by chance that I went to a seminar in London run by KEA and NZICA on the NZ property market, where Alan spoke, that it seemed possible.

He helped us to understand what our goals were and the value of the assets we already own through the planning session. Erskine Owen did all the relevant research about potential areas that we could afford to buy in and then presented a property to our specifications which we were really happy with. They also managed the whole purchase process and proceeded with the purchase. It took all the stress out of the process with an excellent result at the end. A much better result than we could have achieved on our own.

We were delighted that Erskine Owen were able to source a great property well within our budget and in a nice street within the areas we had discussed in the profile session. It was so much better than we had expected.

Although we were investors, I think the concept would work really well for people who have lived overseas for a while and are planning to move back to NZ to live. This way, they will have a home waiting for them when they arrive.

Additionally, people in NZ who don’t have the time to find a property, or who are possibly locating from one town to another, would benefit from their services.

Angela Jones, Auckland:

My business has experienced significant growth over the last three years, and I needed bigger premises to handle the current and anticipated growth. Typically, I thought I could just go out and find something myself, had been running around all over my chosen areas, only to find that each property was unsuitable. The whole process was distracting me from my business, it was time I couldn’t really afford, and I knew I didn’t have the property negotiation skills that were going to ensure a successful and reasonable outcome for the future of the business.

A significant turning point for me was being introduced to Alan and then Lisa from Erskine Owen. They took the time to visit and understand Curtain Clinic and its systems, were clear on the “ideal” outcome and when the right premises were found, they negotiated the lease and dealt with all the things that I would have readily filed in the “too hard” basket. I was just totally able to focus on my business.

Erskine Owen have been instrumental in turning a dream I have had for 3-4 years into a reality. I was able to hand the task, and the worry, over to people who definitely know what they are doing, and I am now just buzzing with what the future holds for Curtain Clinic.

I would highly recommend the services of Erskine Owen to any business-owner in a similar situation. If you want to nurture the growth and success of your business, by improving the size, location or environment, and need knowledgeable, professional assistance to drive the project - Erskine Owen are the natural extension to your business team.

Andrew & Susan, Auckland:

When we first talked, we had been wanting to get on with investing in property for some time. However, with a young family and limited real available time, we struggled to gain any momentum to get it off the ground. We’d spent numerous weekends starting to research areas we thought might work and putting calls into agents but would then get interrupted and have to start again months later. It was proving to be quite a random process. We realised that while we were capable of building a portfolio, we simply did not have the focus and continuous time available to make it happen.

Erskine Owen then took over the process and removed the randomness. After a few sessions to understand your research, targeting and acquisition process, and to brief you on what we were after, you just made it happen, largely without the need for time commitment from us. Clearly you had the knowledge – the research was fantastic. It meant we knew with certainty where and what to buy – and perhaps more importantly, why. Then you sourced and presented a great property using your experience and networks – and we are very happy with it. It became clear to us that your networks and experience with searching, filtering and negotiating allow you to deliver a result that, even if we did have the time, we would not have achieved on our own. It seems you are effectively tapping in to a ‘wholesale market’ that we, effectively as ‘retail’ punters, would never be able to access.

You made the due diligence and post purchase renovation process very smooth. All we had to do was effectively reply to emails with decisions. During due diligence there was no stone left unturned, which meant we were very confident about proceeding with the property. The property needed renovation. You guided us as to what work we should do, gave us a budget, then project managed to a timely completion, as well delivering largely on budget. The costs you can achieve with your team of trades people seem to be a lot sharper than what we could get on our own. And finally, you recommended and coordinated the property manager to get a great tenant in as we were taking possession of the property – that meant no rental down time.

We felt very happy with the outcome and feel relieved and excited to have finally got going with our plan. It was such a painless experience. We were also pleased you included us both at each stage of the process.

We’d highly recommend that anyone who wants to invest but is time poor, or finds themselves starting and stopping the process on their own, or searching without result, or can’t easily obtain your knowledge; skill; and experience, talk to you.

Greg & Jenny, Auckland:

Before we met we needed to get on with investing in property, but we weren’t in a position to commit to the time we knew would be required to properly research areas with capital growth potential, and then conduct the property search and negotiation.

When we met we realised that our philosophies about property were congruent with Erskine Owen, eg: property is a long term venture; it is land that goes up in value etc. Erskine Owen then simply provided a ‘one stop shop’, planning; profiling; search; negotiation (including getting us early access so that we could start renovations prior to settlement); project management of renovation; overseeing of tenancy. You were professional in your approach and presented with credibility from the outset.

We felt very pleased with the properties you presented. We also had a real sense of satisfaction with both properties in that you project managed the renovation, but we were still able to be involved or add our touch if desired.

People who need a system in place to assist them setting up for retirement (so that they don’t have to curtail their standard of living) but haven’t got time to do it, should talk to you. It is a time consuming process that needs focused and dedicated time to get a great result – and that’s what Erskine Owen is able to do.

Ben, Melbourne:

Earlier this year I was referred to you as I wanted to invest in property in New Zealand. But I didn’t have any idea where to start and being based in Melbourne it was a logistical challenge.

Starting with your Plan session was great for showing me what could be achieved and giving me the confidence to take the next step. And I did take the next step – with you guys. It worked really well for me because firstly you ‘held my hand’ the whole way and broke the process down into baby steps so I knew what was going on at each step. As I said, I really had no idea when I first started out, but you made it very clear what was happening, and what needed to happen along the way.

I felt really pleased with the outcome because a) the house met my expectations, b) I learnt so much along the way and c) you’ve given me the confidence to do it again. Next time round I could probably do it myself, but you make the process so easy I’ll probably use Erskine Owen.

I’d highly recommend anyone who is remote (overseas), even if they know about property, to use Erskine Owen as they make the process so easy. Erskine Owen knows the market and they have a team on the ground that acts as your eyes and ears.

Brendon, Auckland:

I’ve had a desire to get into the property market for a very long time. However, having little money at university and being away for at least eight months of the year in my current job, I haven’t had an opportunity or the knowledge to develop a property plan to build my personal wealth. This is where you guys helped me immensely!

I initially did the plan session with you and sorted out some realistic financial goals that worked in with my personal aspirations in the long term. You then actioned the plan for me, went out and found the house that fitted my personal needs.

You looked after everything and made it very stress free. Your service and the house I brought exceeded my expectations. The price was less than what I would have expected to pay for the property you sourced for me and the potential for capital growth is great. You once said to me that anybody can buy average properties, but what you do is buy great properties that have potential for large capital growth.

I would recommend anyone who wants to build wealth, or needs a plan, or wants to invest effectively and make good investment decisions, to come and see you.

Pat, Mal, & Daniel, Auckland:

We came to see you regarding purchasing an investment property as we had no idea where to start in the buying process and were extremely worried that we could possibly buy a dud. From the beginning you were very professional and gave us great investment insight.

Using Erskine Owen's services made the process easy, and we were never in any doubt that the purchase would go smoothly, as you took responsibility for all of the purchasing details, from sourcing a property to organising tenants. The property evaluation report told us far more than we expected.

We almost feel as though you could charge a success fee as the purchase went so smoothly. We also wondered if our bond would be refunded less “disbursements”, but it was repaid in full.  The whole process felt easy, and we would highly recommend Erskine Owen to anybody that is looking to purchase an investment property but doesn’t know where to start. We built up a relationship of trust with you and your team and would definitely use Erskine Owen's expertise again.

Matt & Leah, Sydney:

When we came to see you, neither Matt or I had experience in buying investment property. We had talked about investing for years but never seemed to be able to make a decision about the best thing to do, and consequently did nothing at all. We felt frustrated, and like we were being “left behind” financially, even though we had the means to invest. Additionally, we had no understanding of the NZ property market, having only just moved here, and having spent the prior couple of years living in Asia.

We had been to see financial advisors before and knew that most were likely to push us down the path of further investment in the stock market. We wanted to balance our investment portfolio by investing in property and wanted to work with someone who had particular expertise in this area. Erskine Owen helped us put together a theoretical property investment plan. It gave us confidence that we could afford to buy at a time when we were moving to a single income.

We also used Erskine Owen's sourcing services to find and purchase our first investment property. This was a quick and painless process. We were very pleased with the property Erskine Owen selected for us. A property valuation conducted at the time showed that we paid less than the market value.

Being guided through the property purchase process taught us a huge amount and gave us confidence to go on to purchase our first home only a couple of months later. We couldn’t be happier with both these purchases. Any busy, cashed up people who aren’t interested in becoming DIY property investment experts should consider using Erskine Owen.

Loren & Kevin, Auckland:

We wanted to buy an investment property, but three things held us back:

  1. We didn’t know the best locations to invest.
  2. We didn’t have the time to look.
  3. We thought that the amount we would have to spend was potentially out of our reach.

After meeting with you and your team we realised that Erskine Owen's research and expertise would enable us to find the right investment property for us. You educated us about the level of investment we should make (significantly lower than expected) and also helped get us both on the same page so we could get on with investing.

We are very happy with the property you sourced for us, and it ticked all of our boxes, whilst being in an area we would never have personally considered before. We are extremely pleased with the quality of our property and the surrounding houses, the location and the renovations that Erskine Owen carried out on our behalf.

We would recommend Erskine Owen's services to those in the same situation as us who want to purchase an investment property but are just too busy with work and/or children. The whole process was made so easy by Erskine Owen that we are hoping to purchase a further investment property next year and will definitely be using your services again.

Joshua & Adrienne, New York:

I had been thinking about purchasing a property for a while but living away from New Zealand made this a daunting task. Also not being familiar with local conditions did not help. Having had past experience in looking for an investment property, I also realised how time-consuming searching can be.

I found the Erskine Owen website very helpful and after making contact with you the rest was easy. After my planning and profile sessions I realised that Erskine Owen had the experience and knowledge to help me purchase an investment property that met my specifications.

During the purchasing process I felt as though you were not just “walking the talk” but had passion in what you were doing - it was not just a job but a vocation! You presented me with a great property on a full site, not only had it already been modernised, but it was also tenanted. Despite being offshore, I felt I was kept fully informed along the way by the Erskine Owen team, even when I was moving cities and was harder to contact.

I would not have been able to find such a great investment property without your help, and would highly recommend anyone overseas looking to invest in NZ property to use your services.

Colin & Pippa, Wellington:

We needed to invest for the future, but didn’t have access to finding a good rental property because we didn’t have time or the knowledge of the market, i.e., where and what to invest in.

Erskine Owen helped by firstly giving really good advice on where to buy. They also helped us to see the big picture and think long term by creating a plan. They then found a great property for us in line with the profile that was agreed, and project managed a renovation to a very good standard.

We thought the result was excellent and felt Erskine Owen kept our long-term goals in mind by setting us up with a property that would position us to keep moving towards our long-term goals.

People who don’t have the time, knowledge or inclination to invest should talk to Erskine Owen.  Those who are already investing should also talk to Erskine Owen, as they will probably benefit from having their strategy fine-tuned, to make the most out of the equity they already have.

Lucy, Auckland, & Craig, Sydney:

My brother Craig and I were looking to purchase our first investment property but had the difficulties of Craig living overseas and my travelling on a regular basis. Finding time to commit to searching and looking at properties would have been extremely difficult.

Erskine Owen made it easy by firstly preparing a searching profile. You then found us a property that met our criteria and this all happened within our timeframe.

It was a relief to have someone experienced who could answer our many questions and guide us through the acquisition of our first property. You made it so easy we can’t wait to buy our next property asap!

Thanks for your help and information through the process of buying our first property. If we hadn’t used your services, we would probably still be looking for a property to buy now! Anybody wanting to invest should use you.

Coral & Campbell, Auckland:

We decided to use Erskine Owen because we wanted to buy an investment property but didn’t have the expertise or confidence to do so. We also didn’t want the hassle of dealing with estate agents or tenants.

Erskine Owen reassured us from the start, solving these problems and making the whole purchasing process easy. Our plan session with you showed us how we could achieve our long-term financial goals and confirmed that purchasing an investment property was the right thing to do.

You updated us on a regular basis during the search process and, when you did present a property, we had the confidence to go ahead, with the realisation that it was a great investment property for us.

From the time we first viewed the property to the day the tenants moved in was made painless. You removed the “fear factor” that is involved with any house purchase. Not only did Erskine Owen manage to find us a great property but you also managed the renovations and dealt with the property managers to ensure we found a good tenant.

We feel great that we have sorted out our finance goals and are on the way to achieving them. We wouldn’t have done any of this without Erskine Owen's expertise because we probably would have backed away from purchasing a property out of fear.

We would definitely recommend Erskine Owen to anybody with busy lifestyles who doesn’t want the stress of looking for investment properties, also for those who are very focused in the areas they live and don’t realise that there are great investment properties out there in suburbs they least expect.

Johannes & Kristie, Auckland:

We had been looking to invest in property for a couple of years as we believe property to be one of the best and safest investment options over the long term. We had been looking for about two years to find somebody we could trust, and had come close to working with other people on a couple of occasions. However, it wasn’t until we met you that we were finally comfortable to proceed.

You made what we perceived to be a challenging process quite easy. You provided sound financial advice and then sourced our first property. You and your team project managed what was quite an involved do-up, and much to our relief we had to do very little.

Your process is a must for those that want to invest in property but don’t want it to be a full or even part time job – people who don’t want the hassle – people who want to use property experts rather than having to become experts themselves.

John & Dianna, Auckland:

I have been very pleased with my investments made with you during my first year of 'retirement' after selling my shares in our business which we had built up and worked in for 42 years.

Other investments were also made, and I now have a varied portfolio which gives me some peace whenever I stop to consider the difficulties that are part of living on this planet at this time.

Thank you again for considering those of us who have chosen to be part of your business.