Our Team

Our team is a group of dedicated professionals led and supported by our co-directors, Alan Henderson and Lisa Phillips.

Alan New Website Photo

Alan Henderson

CFA, CA, Director

REA Licensed

E: info@erskineowen.co.nz

Lisa Website Photo

Lisa Phillips


REA Licensed

E: info@erskineowen.co.nz

Peter Website Photo

Peter Evans

Chief Financial Officer

E: pevans@erskineowen.co.nz

Louise E + O Photo

Louise Tanner

Syndication Asset Manager

 E: info@erskineowen.co.nz

Wendy Correct Photo

Wendy Ryan - Kidd

Business Development Director & Mortgage Advisor

E: wendy@erskineowen.co.nz

Toby New Website photo

Toby Hunn

Business Development Manager & Syndication Sales

E: thunn@erskineowen.co.nz

Pablo Website Photo

Pablo Riquelme

Business Analyst

E: pablo@erskineowen.co.nz

Olivia Website Photo

Olivia Ouyang

Assistant Accountant

E: oouyang@erskineowen.co.nz

Sam Website Photo

Sam Jefferies

Marketing Coordinator

E: sam@erskineowen.co.nz