$20m Healthcare infrastructure investment set to boost access for South Island Māori and rural residents

November 15, 2023

Article sourced from NZ Herald, 8 November 2023 A new $20 million investment in healthcare infrastructure is set to improve access to health services for Māori and the wider rural community in one of the South Island’s fastest-growing towns. A Otago University study found rates of mortality higher for rural populations such as North Canterbury,…

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ONE NEWS Price, competition, puts heat on Auckland rents

February 1, 2014

Auckland rent prices are soaring and competition for securing a home is tough.  Director Alan Henderson says rent prices are climbing year by year, and was asked to comment on this topic recently for TVNZ One News. “Rents are steadily increasing and we’re seeing rents climb by 10 percent per annum.” The average price for a three…

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NZ HERALD Parents buying property for children

January 12, 2014

Parents concerned about rising house prices are increasingly buying properties for their children – some while they are still at primary school.  Children as young as 4 are having houses bought for them by parents who then rent out the property until the child can legally own it at 18. Erskine + Owen Director Alan…

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TV3 Auckland’s Supply Shortage – not new news to us!

November 22, 2013

While the media were focusing on the international economic crises back in 2011, Erskine + Owen were already discussing their prediction of a housing supply shortage.  At that stage there was evidence of a growing demand for property, with a declining number of building consents being issued. In 2013 the economy is in recovery mode,…

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In the Media

November 5, 2013

We are regularly asked to comment on current property market trends. September 2013 Changes to the new LVR lending criteria could impact on first time home owners, but will it also impact on investors?  Director Lisa Phillips was recently asked to comment on this by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. Click here to read the…

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MY WEALTH NEWS Why the NZ property market is running hot

September 27, 2013

From October 1, New Zealand banks will only be allowed to issue high loan-to-value-ratio mortgages on just 10% of all their loan business.  What will the impact of this new LVR lending criteria mean for investors in the NZ Property Market? Director Lisa Phillips was asked to comment for My Wealth, the Commonwealth Bank of…

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Radio Live Interview about Buyers’ Agents

September 5, 2012

For time strapped house hunters who are getting frustrated with the property market, many are turning to expert services to help them buy investment properties. Buyers Agents are a relatively new concept in Auckland. Where a real estate agent works for the vendor (seller), a buyers agent works for the buyer. Alan Henderson, Director of…

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Aucklands property supply shortage and it’s predicted impact

September 17, 2011

Erskine + Owen was asked to comment on the very real issue of a property supply shortage in Auckland City. Evidence of a growing demand for property with a declining number if building consents being issued is just one factor causing concern. Director Lisa Phillips was asked to discuss Erskine + Owens prediction of a…

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NZ HERALD Frustrated buyers turn to expert house hunters

September 5, 2011

Specialist agency’s client base doubles as competition for properties increases. Some time strapped house-hunters frustrated by Auckland’s booming housing market are turning to expert services to secure their property investments. Director Alan Henderson was asked to comment by the New Zealand Herald. Click here to view article..

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SUNDAY STAR TIMES Living remotely is possible with the right planning & research

July 24, 2011

How do you go about seeking a remote location to build or buy and what advise would you give about deciding which location to choose in New Zealand? Director Lisa Phillips was asked to comment by the Sunday Star Times.  See the article here.

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