Property Planning

Our Property Planning Approach

Gain on your financial objectives and goals

Gain clarity around your financial goals and the strategies you need to put in place to achieve them.

Plans to keep both parties accountable

Put dates against each strategy point and decide when you will have completed your first purchase.


Comprehensive property marketing information

Our software will map out your potential equity, debt and value as well as your potential earnings


Over 20 years of experience

Erskine Owen Director, Alan Henderson has helped hundreds of clients create plans as an Authorized Financial Advisor.

You will leave this personalised planning session with your goals clearly defined and a specific ‘road map’ to achieving them.

  • We translate your personal goals into concrete financial goals.
  • We teach you how and why, if done well, property is a highly effective vehicle for creating wealth over the long term.
  • An approach strategy for what and where you should buy.
  • A financial plan designed around your cashflow. You will understand tax losses, and how they can help service cash shortfalls on a property.
  • You will be shown how to account for the impact of multiple properties, different income levels, various splits or losses, and the use of equity in your own home.
  • An understanding of tenancy and how to minimise your vacancy rates.
  • Confidence and motivation. Property investment is easy with a plan.

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