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Our expertise in finding the right properties has helped our clients build lasting wealth. If you want to build your property portfolio but are unsure of where to start, talk to us – we can help.

Comprehensive Property Investment Service

We provide a comprehensive property investment service that covers everything from financial planning, mortgage brokering and sourcing investment properties to property management.

Find out how we helped a client gained over $2.8m in equity over 8 years across 5 properties.

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What Does A Buyer's Agent Do?



We create a customised plan of your financial goals and then tailor a specific buying brief to action this plan.



We will research dozens of properties until we find ones that are right for you.

premium property management service


We view properties that meet your brief ensuring all the due diligence is completed.



We go to auction, negotiate the best deal for you, ensuring all checks have been carried out before going unconditional.

Why Use A Buyer's Agent?

We see properties you don't

We are often shown properties long before they hit the market. Sales agents like working with us as we do all the work as one point of contact allowing the sales agent can just focus on the vendor.

Negotiation experience

We are experienced in negotiating in all markets having successfully negotiating hundreds of property transactions, large and small.

Excellent advisors

We’ve spent years finding the best advisers through trial and error. We get better rates and response times because of the volume of business we push them.

No hassle, no fuss

Time aside there is a lot of hassle to source and successfully buy a property. Persistent sales agents, viewing properties, attending auction and coordinating of due diligence make it a long and very manual process.


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Our Services Include

Property Planning

Everyone has aspirations and dreams for the future, we want to find out about yours and show you how, and what you need to do to make an actionable plan.

Property Sourcing

Giving us control of the buying process enables us to leverage our considerable network to identify the properties that meet your brief.

Kiwis Buying from Overseas

Whether you are a Kiwi living in New Zealand or abroad our process remains the same.

Property Profiling

We overlay extensive capital growth and yield research to make a recommendation as to where and what to buy that becomes a blueprint for searching.

Mortgage Brokering

Our in-house Mortgage Broker will save you time and stress while getting you the best deal for your personal circumstances.

Property Management

Our sister company Point Property Management will maximise your returns today and grow them for tomorrow.

What Our Clients Say About Us


Andrew & Susan:

When we first talked we had been wanting to get on with investing in property for some time. However, with a young family and limited real available time, we struggled to gain any momentum to get it off the ground. Erskine Owen then took over the process and removed the randomness. After a few sessions to understand your research, targeting and acquisition process, and to brief you on what we were after, you just made it happen, largely without the need for time commitment from us.

You made the due diligence and post purchase renovation process very smooth. All we had to do was effectively reply to emails with decisions. During due diligence there was no stone left unturned, which meant we were very confident about proceeding with the property.

Greg & Jenny:

When we met we, realised that our philosophies about property were congruent with Erskine Owen, eg: property is a long-term venture, it is land that goes up in value.

Erskine Owen then simply provided a ‘one-stop shop’, planning, profiling, search, negotiation (including getting us early access so that we could start renovations prior to settlement), project management of renovation, overseeing of the tenancy. You were professional in your approach and presented with credibility from the outset.

We felt very pleased with the properties you presented. We also had a real sense of satisfaction with both properties in that you project managed the renovation, but we were still able to be involved or add our touch if desired.

Campbell & Coral:

We decided to use Erskine Owen because we wanted to buy an investment property but didn’t have the expertise or confidence to do so.  We also didn’t want the hassle of dealing with estate agents or tenants.

Erskine Owen reassured us from the start, solving these problems and making the whole purchasing process easy. You updated us on a regular basis during the search process and, when you did present a property, we had the confidence to go ahead, with the realisation that it was a great investment property for us.

From the time we first viewed the property to the day the tenants moved in was made painless. You removed the “fear factor” that is involved with any house purchase.

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