Why Use Us?

As a buyer’s agent we will secure you that great property that meets your needs while saving you time, money and reducing the stress. Clients tell us we help them achieve what they couldn’t because we have the time, expertise, and passion.

Start With Your Needs

Don’t you hate it when you go into a shop or a business and no sooner have you said hello that they start showing you all their wares, without taking a moment to find out about you, who you are, what you need, what you don’t like. And you know that if they had taken time to understand you, they may have helped themselves a lot – as well as you.

For that reason our first step is to understand what you are hoping your property purchase will help you achieve.  If there isn’t a clear understanding of why the purchase is being made, it is difficult to be clear about what the property needs to be.

Develop a Clear Strategy and Buying Profile – Tailored to You

With the purpose really clear we start to put some structure around exactly how it will be achieved and we get detailed about the profile of the property. This is a formal process and we document the strategy and profile. This also means you only have to look at property that fits your profile – you won’t have to waste time looking at properties that look good on paper, but on inspection you find to have been inflated.

We do the Work – you Make the Decisions

Once the brief is set, Erskine + Owen are the ones that go out into the market place to leverage their considerable networks and experience. You meanwhile focus on what you are good at. So you save yourself a lot of time, energy, and avoid plenty of irritation and stress.

We Don’t Sell Property

As a dedicated buyers agent we don’t have property to sell you. We will never sell property. That means we only ever act for you the buyer. We are not having to think about the vendors interest. Our duty of care is to you.

There are sales agencies our there that might tell you they have a dedicated buyers agent. But in reality they will only show you the stock they have on their books. Why would they be motivated to show you something outside their office if they receive less commission?


We have people dedicated to researching the property market and capital growth drivers. We share this research with you, ensuring we are searching properties that have the best chance of achieving your goals. We have proven time and again, that it is more important to purchase a great property at a good price than to purchase a good property at a great price.

Can Access all Stock on the Market and More

We can negotiate on any property on the market, and often properties that aren’t.

Turn Key Solution

We start when you are trying to decide what to buy, and finish once you own the property, and not before. When a transaction is unconditional we don’t disappear – we are still actively involved. When the property is under contract we are still your arms and legs and more, collating and interpreting the information you need to make the right decision.


We are licensed under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008. There are ‘property finders’ who might tell you about a property, but are they licensed? if not they may be operating outside the law. For more details read our article: Are property finders the same as buyers’ agents?

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