Introducing Jared Halligan, our new GM of Property

November 8, 2023

In this video interview, Jared brings forth over two decades of valuable experience within New Zealand’s property management industry. His impressive track record includes revitalising aged establishments. Hear what he has in mind for our newest investment opportunity: the Brackenfields Property in Amberley. Watch Interview

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Director’s thoughtpiece: The Challenges This Country Faces

August 16, 2023

Our beloved NZ has serious challenges; we are not faring as well as other small countries… we may well be at a critical inflexion point. As property investors it is important to understand the key issues, the likely future coalition structure on both sides of the spectrum, how each of them might deal with the…

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Director’s thoughtpiece: Sex, Drugs and Inflation

December 20, 2022

It feels like inflation has become a bit rock’n’roll. In the way that rock’n’roll 50 years ago was ‘bad’, almost shocking, but now, just another music genre. Parents used to fear what Mick Jagger would do to their daughters. Now – not so much. Pop, drum and bass (please no more drum n bass on…

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Property Investment in NZ

August 5, 2022

Investing in property is all about securing your financial freedom. Like most journeys in life, there are lots of different means of getting to where you would like to be, and many pitfalls along the way, but the more you know, the more prepared you will be and the better the choices you can make.…

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Why mortgage interest rates might not track directly with the OCR

June 8, 2022

Have you noticed how people have stopped talking about house prices and started talking about interest rates? That’s hardly surprising given the high percentage of Kiwis paying interest on a mortgage or loan of some description. The value of our houses increasing makes us feel wealthier but doesn’t have any direct impact on our cashflow.…

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Is the NZ Property Party Over?

December 21, 2021
nz property market

In the year to September inflation hit 4.9%, the highest in a decade, and mortgage rates have risen rapidly. As a property investor it is natural to be concerned about the impact on property prices and yields…and ask is the property party over? Inflation While the inflation rate has startled some investors, the real question…

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More investors cashing out of residential property, some going into commercial – research

November 11, 2021

More investors are cashing out of residential properties – and some intend to put their money into commercial buildings, recent data and commentary suggests. An October Tony Alexander Portfolio Investment Survey shows of 1753 respondents, a net 19 percent intend to reduce their residential property investments over the next year. A net 2 percent intend to buy commercial property,…

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EO Webinar with Leading Economic Advisor David Skilling | Impact on NZ Property Market | 26.10.2021

October 28, 2021

We recently hosted a webinar session between Erskine Owen Director Lisa Phillips and Landfall Director David Skilling to discuss the impact on the NZ property market of: The global supply chain crisis NZ’s comparatively slow emergence from COVID Rising interest rates International bench-marking of NZ property prices About David Skilling David is the Founding Director…

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Buying a New Build vs Existing Property – That is the question

August 25, 2021

Interest deductibility is now ruled out for existing properties… we think (it’s still not completely clear), and will not be ruled out for new builds….probably, which is causing investors to think, “should I invest in new builds or existing properties in New Zealand?” Before the announcement about eliminating interest deductibility for investment properties people typically…

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Erskine + Owen Quarterly Update September 2021 – Forecast like Federer

August 25, 2021

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