Finance & Mortgage Brokering

Why use a mortgage broker?

  • Save you time: Do you have the time to contact every bank to discuss rates and options?
  • Save you the stress of shopping around: Do you even know the right questions to ask?
  • Access to knowledge and experience: We know what the banks want, and know how to present your case in the most favourable way.
  • Access to networks you don’t have: We work with most major banks, and even some you may not have considered talking to.
  • Save you money by getting the best rates: Getting the right mortgage now can save you thousands in the long run.
  • Offering an unbiased opinion: We will review all available packages from the major banks to find the best deal that is a fit for you.

What makes our Mortgage Brokering Service unique?

  • We do more than just ‘shop around’ for your mortgage: We begin with an understanding of your long term goals, and tailor a solution to meet your needs.
  • We don’t just get approval and move on to the next client! We will continue to look after your mortgage, and as your personal circumstances change over time, review and amend accordingly. That may mean moving between floating and fixed rates – which we will offer you advice on.
  • We have an in-house Authorised Financial Adviser: Who will offer advice on cash-flow, should you take out an interest only loan, and how much deposit you should put in?
  • We look at the bigger picture: How will your mortgage impact your daily cash-flow, and how can you create a buffer in case you lose your job?
  • We closely monitor the financial market: We know when changes to interest rates are likely, and talk our customers about the potential impact.
  • We won’t stop until we get the best deal: We know what banks are offering their customers, and we are not afraid to ask for a better rate!

Benefits of using our Mortgage Brokering with our Property Search Service

  • Secure a mortgage that matches your financial goals: We already know your long-term financial goals, and our focus is to ensure that your mortgage structure enables your property portfolio to perform.
  • Managing your conditions of finance: Do you need a valuation or a rental appraisal on a property under contract to get an offer of finance approved? We will request all the necessary reports on your behalf, and ensure all documentation is supplied and completed to the banks satisfaction.
  • Based offshore? Let us liaise with your bank locally: Don’t get up in the middle of the night to talk with your bank manager. We will manage all aspects of obtaining finance for your property, and will provide regular updates – that you can review at a time that suits you.
  • Managing the Unconditional and Settlement Process: We can talk directly with your nominated bank and solicitor, to ensure all the required documentation is in place to make the unconditional and settlement process seamless. That means two less people for you to deal with – which will save you time!

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Let us review your current mortgage

  • Do you have the best mortgage structure in place to meet your requirements?
  • Are you thinking of re-financing?

We will do a complimentary review of your current mortgage structure, to access whether you are getting the best deal possible for your property portfolio.

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