Profile is a personalised session to define the perfect property for you

You will get a detailed profile document that becomes the blueprint for finding investment property to achieve your financial plan. It will make the search far more focused and effective.

We take the output from your Plan Session and over lay our extensive capital growth and yield research to make a recommendation as to where and what to buy in order to get you to your goals as quickly and safely as possible. If capital growth is your goal – don’t you want to be in the areas that get the most capital growth?

We start with the big issues of where to buy and get right down to the detail of whether or not the building will have a reception area. This is not an instructional exercise – it is us arming you with knowledge, so you can action our recommended profile or adjust it based on your comfort levels.

Our Property Profiles Consider :

  • Central and local government housing policy
  • Regional and local council urban infrastructure development
  • Roading and transport infrastructure
  • Population and demographic analysis and forecasts
  • Historical analysis of price and suburban performance
  • Government treasury reports
  • District plans
  • We converse with the council
  •  New Zealand population growth projections, and demographic forecasts
  • Review employment data
  • Building consent data
  • Rental statistics

Becoming intimately knowledgeable about the factors driving capital growth requires a huge amount of time and effort.

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