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1. Our mortgage service has been helping hundreds of clients in Erskine Owen since 2011

Our mortgage brokering service offers the most comprehensive financial solution to our clients. Every year we cater to many clients for their mortgage needs so that they can meet their financial goals.

We’re based in Auckland, but thanks to the technology, we’re able to help clients everywhere in New Zealand and all over the globe. Whether you’re buying a residential or commercial property, renovating your home, funding for business or other investments, or gifting to your children, our expertise will help you get there faster.


2. You get more with Erskine Owen’s in-house mortgage advice

Unbiassed advice – we are not employed by any lenders or banks. In other words, our advice is purely based on your mortgage needs so that you can achieve your financial goals. We represent your interest, not the bank’s as if you deal directly with a bank staff.

More choice and freedom – we work with various lenders, which means your deal has a higher chance of getting approved. We keep updated with the latest lending policies, so we can clearly understand each lender’s preference and offer. Some of these lenders you don’t normally have access to as they only work with advisors. You can always count on us to provide the best possible solutions. When your bank says no, we are able to help. Our industry knowledge in many cases makes the difference between a decline should you go directly to the bank and approval should you work with us.

Holistic approach – every mortgage broker can help you calculate how much you can borrow, but what we do is more than that. We employ a holistic approach when providing mortgage advice to our clients – we customise a clever loan structure to help you save in interest costs, protect your assets, and maximise your flexibility.

Better-informed decisions – we take time to understand your long-term goals and tailor a solution to meet your specific needs with our jargon-free service.

Hassle-free convenience – we hold your hands throughout the loan application process and ensure that all the documentation is in place to make the unconditional and settlement process as seamless as possible. We stand by your side for the whole life of your loan.

We do the legwork for you – We request all the necessary reports on your behalf, ensuring all documentation is supplied and completed to the bank’s satisfaction.


3. Born to save – about Wendy

Wendy Ryan Kidd-mortgage broker

Wendy Ryan Kidd joined Erskine and Owen in 2009. She is Erskine Owen’s in-house mortgage broker and business development director.

She has been working as a mortgage advisor in the real estate industry for over 10 years and she specialises in taking the hard work and pain out of securing a mortgage, finding solutions customised to each client’s specific needs.

Having worked in the insurance industry early in her career, Wendy has gained extensive knowledge in property, including being involved in property viewing, due diligence, property management and project management. Wendy also has invaluable personal experience as a property investor herself.

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