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What Would You Do, If You Didnt Have To Work?

We can help you live your dream lifestyle by creating a passive income from property


Everyone has aspirations and dreams for the future, we want to find out about yours and show you how, and what you need to do to make an actionable plan.


We overlay extensive capital growth and yield research to make a recommendation as to where and what to buy that becomes a blueprint for searching.


Use our expertise and considerable network to secure the properties that meet your brief. You remain in complete control throughout the entire process. 

See Our Latest Webinar On The New Zealand Property Market

As Buyers Agents we have a unique viewpoint on the market. Covering topics such as demand and supply drivers, the effect of availability of credit, the current housing status of Auckland and where to buy for maximum capital growth. As well as discussion around capital gains tax and the Australian royal commission.

Below Is The Full Recording Split By Each Topic discussed.

What Makes Us different?

We work for buyers, not sellers, so our unequivocal focus is on securing the best outcome for you.

We love property, but our true passion is helping our clients reach their financial goals.

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Should I Be Chasing Yield?

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