Maclaggan Syndicate – 8% Yield, Government Tenant


Erskine + Owen are proud to present this exciting opportunity in Dunedin. For NZ$100k (minimum) you will get exposure to a syndication offer that is a commercial building on a full site land parcel.


Investment Highlights


8.0% Cash Yield

The Maclaggan Property Syndicate is offering a projected pre-tax cash return of 8.0% per annum, paid quarterly.

This does not include additional income from any increase in the property value over time.

13 units available for purchase at $100,000 per unit, with incremental investment in $50,000 lots.


Sound Property 

43 Maclaggan Street is a single level 755m2 office complex on a 1763m2 site. This freehold property includes 22 carparks.

Built in 1989, 43 Maclaggan Street has a seismic rating of A, and a 100% New Building Standard rating (report produced in February 2016).

Purchase Price is $2,265,000. Register valuers, Telfer Young have valued the property at $2,290,000.


Government Tenant

The Government tenant is the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC).

This property has been occupied by ACC as the sole tenant for over 30 years.

The current lease is due for renewal 30 June 2022.


Prime Location

43 Maclaggan Street is prominently situated on a corner site in downtown Dunedin – less than a kilometre from the Octagon.

Dunedin property values have seen consistent strong growth, and demand remains high for all property types in Dunedin.

Significant development at the University of Otago and construction of the $1.4 billion dollar New Dunedin Hospital continues to stimulate the local economy and put pressure on the supply of commercial property.

Our syndication opportunities are only open to “wholesale investors.”

If you are unsure about what this means, please contact us, or see the FMA definition here.


This Offer Has Been Fully Subscribed