NZ Based Buyers Agents


Are you an ex-pat Kiwi?

Many dream of owning their own little slice of unspoilt New Zealand.  We know what it’s like to attempt a purchase while living on the other side of the world.  There are some real challenges:

  • Access to available property is limited – you can usually only see what’s on the net.
  • Time differences make important phone calls impractical.
  • Assessing the suitability is difficult.  Parents or friends can check out a potential property but they don’t necessarily have experience matching it to your needs.
  • Market insight is lacking.  Depending on how long you’ve been away you don’t necessarily know what is happening in certain locations, or know where the best place is to buy.
  • The negotiation process is difficult by remote.  And coordinating a thorough due diligence process (valuation, building inspection, LIM etc) in a limited time frame, with a time difference, can be almost impossible.

E+O takes care of the challenges. Our process is aimed at remote investors.

Before we start searching we have agreed on a very specific searching brief, so you know exactly what kind of property we are going to present, and where it is located.

We employ Skype, desktop sharing, video walkthroughs of the exterior/interior, and still photos, to ensure you know exactly what you’re looking at.

We do a thorough property analysis, and along with all your chosen advisors (or recommendations if you need them) we take care of the due diligence process, co-ordination of finance requirements, and settlement.

The E+O process is simple and easy, whilst at the same time keeping you fully informed and in control of every step.  You can press the ‘go button’ with confidence.  Living remotely is no longer an excuse not to invest back home.