We act as buyers agents in Auckland, Hamilton, Queenstown and most of New Zealand. We offer the following investment buyers agent services:

There is a lot to get your head around and do if you are going to build a property investment portfolio. It takes time to build your knowledge and confidence; where do you buy, how much do you spend, how much land, what type of dwelling, what is going on in the area that you should know about. And that’s all before getting to the time consuming and hands on process of searching, evaluating, negotiating and then investigating any properties you get under contract.

It’s easy to get property wrong:

  • Choose a poor location and you could stunt the capital growth.
  • Choose the wrong type of dwelling and you may struggle with bad tenants.
  • Pay too much and it may take you much longer to build equity, slowing down your ability to buy again – in turn affecting your long term wealth potential.
  • If you don’t conduct proper and thorough due diligence you could end up with something you didn’t bargain on.
  • Get frustrated with the buying process (probably because it is taking over your evenings and weekends!) and end up buying something in haste that is not right.

Over the long term – property is very forgiving.
But wouldn’t you rather invest without the mistakes and the hassles?
And in such a way that you maximize capital growth and long term wealth?
Wouldn’t it be great to have high performing capital growth portfolio built for you without the hassle of spending time searching, dealing with agents and worrying about whether it’s the right property?

Just imagine it – carrying on with life – your job, your family, your social life – while your portfolio is being built. Too easy you say – well that’s exactly what our clients say – it’s too easy, that’s why we keep coming back to E+O.

At Erskine + Owen we take the hassle and time consuming factor out of the buying process and deliver a high performing property portfolio.

How do we do that?
With our passion, experience, knowledge and networks. First and foremost we are passionate about understanding our clients goals – we love designing and building portfolios that achieve those goals. Yes we love property – but it’s the magic of seeing our clients portfolios grow over time and help bring change to our clients lives. That’s what really gets us out of bed in the morning.

We also have a huge amount of hands on property experience. Our Directors are both significant property investors and have been advising and buying for clients for over a decade. With this experience comes a huge bank of knowledge that can be drawn on. It also brings a great network of agents that know and trust us, and love to tell us about upcoming properties, and sometimes off market properties, because they know we buy.

So read on to find out how our step by step process can take you from a standing start to a great property portfolio.

Contact us for a detailed price guide, +64 9 377 6463 or info@erskineowen.co.nz.