You are ready to actively search for a property.  But are you prepared to spend time finding a great area and getting to know the pricing?  Do you want to deal with the pressure of agents? Are you confident you have the networks to access stock before it gets snapped up by eager buyers? Are you capable of negotiating a purchase well?

You may not be, but our New Zealand buyers agent’s are. It’s our day job to look for properties, to network with agents in the areas we buy.  It’s our job to make a lot of offers and to patiently and confidently negotiate.  We specialise in navigating sales agents and vendors in a negotiation scenario.

There is so much that ‘weekend shoppers’ are probably unaware of. How do the different sales agents commission structures work, and how does that impact the way you should structure an offer? Which agents fight for the vendors more, and which agents give away more information?  Should you ring the listing agent, or run with a friendly agent in the office?  How do you get to find out about properties before they hit TradeMe or Use a buyers agent, New Zealand property specialist.

As they say, you don’t know what you don’t know. That’s why you should consider using a buyers agent. Auckland, New Zealand based Erskine + Owen have that knowledge and expertise.

We have designed our process to be a turn key solution. We will drive the whole process to ensure you have a solution that helps you achieve your goals. Our services can be cherry picked, but we mostly find that peoples lives are busy and they prefer to have the whole process done for them.

Our buying services include:

Plus we can also help with:

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