What Does The 2019 Budget Mean For Property Investment?

June 6, 2019

From a property perspective what was relevant in this years budget was the noticeable absence of anything specific for property. Certainly, Kiwibuild was not mentioned at all. Perhaps they think the job has been done to some extent: • The % of houses being sold to first home buyers is increasing – have first home…

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Regional Profile: Is Hawke’s Bay The Next Key Growth Area?

June 5, 2019

Recent articles on the property market have begun to turn their attention to Hawke’s Bay as a region of growing potential – and has even referred to it as ‘the new Tauranga’. It’s backed up by the stats:  Hawke’s Bay is experiencing higher-than-anticipated population growth.   “The region is experiencing some of the strongest house…

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OCR Rate Cut – What Does it Mean for the Housing Market and Interest Rates

May 9, 2019

Our last interest rate article discussed the long term historical average rate sitting below 5%. We now have an OCR rate cut of 25 basis points, providing more evidence that rates will not be rising beyond 5% for the foreseeable future. What is perhaps more interesting is there is a widely held view that we…

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No Capital Gains Tax

May 1, 2019

Three weeks ago, people were hesitating to make property investment decisions pending the government’s announcement on a Capital Gains Tax. I think most of us were expecting a CGT, at least on residential property – but there was nothing. Political genius, opportunism, planned? Call it what you want – Capital Gains Tax is essentially off…

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What Do Meghan Markle and NZ Property Prices Have In Common

January 17, 2019

I like to think I am immune to those Woman’s Weekly articles about Meghan and Harry. The truth is I secretly have a quick read. Does Meghan really love Harry or is she just in it for the power. And even if she is just a very good actor, does that mean the marriage will…

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Central Otago’s Bright Future For Investment

September 3, 2018

With a high-performing tourism sector and solid year-on-year growth, Central Otago may well be the golden egg for astute investors. Most of us are familiar with the gold rush history of Central Otago. Heroic stories of boom and bust and wayward fortune hunters are part of the region’s charm. These days, Otago has out-grown its…

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Big Air and Broken Bones

May 11, 2018

At the moment we don’t seem to be hearing much talk about property busts, not in NZ or many other countries. Are property markets maturing, is the age of a boom bust cycle at an end? It reminds me a bit of my bike riding age when I was about 10….bear with me… As kids we…

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Lifting the bonnet on the property markets current stability

April 23, 2018

What were we thinking! My last update was just after the election with a summary of what I thought the impact on the property market would be from the new Labour government.  Now we are 4 months in we thought it about time we did a review…and then of course look forward again. Our overall…

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The Labour Factor – what will the impact be on property prices in New Zealand?

November 1, 2017

NB: Since writing this article the RBNZ (as predicted) has announced easing of LVR rules effective 1 January 2018. Our analysis of this will be published next week. We have a new government in NZ, finally a decision, and now the burning question is what will the Labour impact be in general and specifically on…

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Interview with Tony Alexander, BNZ Chief Economist

September 19, 2017

Podcasts from The Property Pod – Expert insight into New Zealand’s property market Brought to you by Erskine + Owen and Point Property Management In this wide ranging interview we hear from Tony about his personal journey to becoming BNZ Chief Economist, and of course in true Tony style – his thoughts on the economy and…

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