Our full search service provides commercial property investors with a complete buying solution, following a 3 step process.

  1. Plan: Identify your financial goals, what you want to achieve and by when.
  2. Profile: Develop a personal search brief identifying property types/ locations that will enable you to reach your goals.
  3. Source:Manage the whole buying process, from searching and negotiating, through to settlement.

We can also help you with Mortgage Brokering and Property Management.  Contact us for a price guide and to discuss your personal situation.

Full Buying Service includes…

This is financially focused. What lifestyle are you wanting to achieve when not working, how much income do you need to pay for that lifestyle, and when do you want to get there? This is a 1.5-2 hour session with Alan Henderson, Director of Erskine + Owen, Chartered Accountant and Authorised Financial Advisor. Click here for more.

We take your Plan and over lay that on our extensive capital growth and yield research to make a recommendation as to where and what to buy in order to get you to your goals as quickly and safely as possible. If capital growth is your goal – don’t you want to be in the areas that get the most capital growth?

Capital Growth Driver Framework
To achieve the above, we read government treasury reports, council growth and district plans. We converse with the council and analyse the Statistics New Zealand population growth projections, and demographic forecasts. We glean information about community initiatives and review employment data; building consent data; rental statistics; sales volumes; significant new shopping complex proposals; etc. We are members of the property council and are current with the Auckland Unitary Plan and it’s implications.
When you come to us for a Profile session we come to the table with all of that knowledge. Then we marry it up to your personalised plan to create a tailored buying Profile. We start with the big issues of where to buy, and get right down to the detail of whether or not the building will have a reception area. This is not an instructional exercise – it is us arming you with knowledge, so you can take our recommended profile or adjust it based on your comfort levels.
This is a personalised session with Director of Erskine + Owen, Lisa Phillips. Out of it you will get a detailed buying profile document that is the blueprint for searching. It will make the search far more focused and effective.

We take your buying profile and leverage our considerable network to identify residential and commercial properties that meet your brief.  This step includes:

  1. Find, Select, Property Analysis, Comparative Sales Research, Property Introduction.
  2. Contract Negotiation, Auction Attendance, Re-negotiation (if necessary).
  3. We conduct a commercial review of the lease and research the tenant. We investigate the body corporate agreement and co-ordinate earthquake report, building inspection, valuation, LIM, property file.
  4. Declaring the property unconditional – we liaise with your solicitor and bank.
  5. Pre-Settlement Inspection/ Settlement
  6. Mortgage Brokering and Property Management (if required)

The value to you is

  • Saving of time – probably a quicker result than if you were doing it yourself – we search all day every day – and we have evidence to support the assertion that we get good prices and terms.
  • We see properties you wouldn’t – we are often shown properties long before they hit the market. Why? Sales agents like working with us – we do all the work of looking after you the buyer – the sales agent can just focus on the vendor. Also 99.9% of our contracts go unconditional.
  • Negotiation experience – We are experienced in negotiating in all markets – hot or cold. That comes from successfully negotiating hundreds of property transactions – large and small.
  • Access to good advisers – We’ve spent years finding the best advisers through trial and error. We get better rates and response times because of the volume of business we push them. As a client of Erskine + Owen you get access to our advisers.
  • Less hassle – time aside, there is also the hassle factor that goes with sourcing and successfully buying a property. Persistent sales agents, looking at lots of properties that don’t fit the brief, being outbid, interruption of the day to sign contracts; co-ordination of due diligence – which includes finding good people to do the job.

We know property – we know what to look out for. You can be 1/2 way round the world – as many of our clients are, but you can be assured that property will be thoroughly investigated.

Our fees

Contact us for a detailed price guide, +649 377 6463 or info@erskineowen.co.nz.