Covid Crusher: Director Alan Henderson Thought Piece


No I don’t have a fail proof vaccine. What I have assembled are a few ideas on ways to deal with this lockdown and the impacts it may have. Hope it helps in some way.

1.      Think exponential – not linear. Times like these interrupt our linear approach to work and life. No point thinking linear in times like these…if you fold a piece of paper in half 50 times (not physically possible – but if you could) – where do you get to? The Sun. If you make a $1 in your first year – and then double it every year, what is your profit after 30 years? $1 billion dollars. 1+1 is linear. 1 x 2 is exponential.

What can I do in my property portfolio, and my business that is exponential to accelerate me to my goals? Drop an average performing revenue line to focus on a more scalable part of the business? Buy a commercial building with friends? Buy some land that is distressed?

2.      Do something for others. It gets our mind off our problems. Giving is definitely better than receiving. For example, we helped a client build a portfolio starting in 2009 and now they are set up for retirement and they are so grateful and thankful. So rewarding. Yes, building profits are a reward for adding value. But research tells us we don’t lie on our death beds wishing we’d made another dollar.

3.      Take time to think. Our lives are quieter in Level 4 lockdown. When it’s quiet you can day dream… our busy conscious mind chills out, and our subconscious can start solving problems and we have space to let those ideas percolate to the surface. Before you know it your’re buzzing with great ideas.

4.      Refresh the goals. At time of writing I am 95 kg. Last year I got to 90.5 kg after being at 101.4 kg. I had a goal to get sub 92 kg and it was tremendously satisfying achieving it – I had been promising to get there for a decade. However, since the beginning of year I have bounced around 92 kg, and now a blowout. Time to get energised and set new goals – 88 kg by Christmas !!!

5.      See the gaps. Telling someone not to worry about a problem will make them want to hit you. A worry wart doesn’t want to worry – they know that, but it’s just hard to stop the habit of worry. It’s a matter of how. We can’t move away from something – we can only move towards something else. We need to see the gaps – not the lamp posts. If you are in a slide in a car – if you look at the lamp post you will likely hit it. If you look at the gap – you’ll likely go through it. Let’s spend time looking for the gaps – the opportunities. I am not saying it is easy…but what is the alternative? Get practical – set aside an hour of no interruptions to brain storm all the gaps, all the problem-solving opportunities we can see.

6.      Stay connected. Science/research suggests that unhealthy connected people live longer than healthy living soloists. Winston Churchill drank morning noon and night, smoked cigars continuously, was overweight, had weird sleep habits, was constantly in financial pressure, but lived to 90…he had a great marriage and lots of great friends.