Final Call For Ladies Mile Syndication


There are now only a few shares left available in our Ladies Mile syndication opportunity. As a reminder, It’s a 5-bedroom boutique lodge with a 4 bedroom managers house on approximately  4.7 hectares of land.

We are forecasting a pre-tax yield of 3% but the real opportunity here is the potential value uplift. 497 Frankton Ladies Mile is opposite a residential subdivision and it is ‘inevitable’ that this land will get rezoned to residential in the near future, or even without a rezone there is a strong likelihood a resource consent for subdivision would now get approved.

We contracted on this back in April and since then there have been significant developments in the region. Namely, the governments $24mil interest free loan to Queenstown Council for this very stretch of land. This announcement essentially sends a signal to the developer community to start applying for resource consents.

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This Offer is now Closed