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By considering our track record and the feedback from our clients.

Capital Gains

Land Re-zone – Queenstown. Over 130% Total Annual Return (Unrealised)

5-hectare land with a luxury lodge in Queenstown

Rationale for purchase:

  • Land in Queenstown was (and still is) in very limited supply and therefore it would only be a few years until the property was rezoned from lifestyle rural to residential. This provided the potential for a very favourable value uplift
  • Additionally, there was enough income to service some debt and thus increase returns for investors

The Result

  • Purchased for $5m
  • Settled on November 2018
  • Council approved re-zone in June 2022 (now awaiting ministerial sign off)
  • March 22 - Registered valuation $19.6m. Valued at $400 s/m
  • Neighbouring property, considered inferior, sold for $450 s/m, but valuer could not fully rely on sale as not yet settled
  • Therefore, the property is potentially worth $21m
  • Average total annual return as at March 2022 - over 130%
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Hastings Distribution Centre Property – Annualised Total Return since Inception – 30.84%

A+ seismic rating warehouse tenanted by Heinz Wattie's in Hastings

Rationale for purchase:

  • Tenanted by Heinz Wattie's, an iconic New Zealand brand
  • A+ seismic rating warehousing meeting 100% NBS
  • Features a rail siding providing direct rail access to Napier Port
  • 6.3-hectare site with a gross floor area of 45,351 m2

The Result

  • Purchased for $29.1m in 2019, valued at $37m in 2022
  • Annualised pre-tax total return since inception 30.84%
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Property Purchasing

What Our Clients say about Us


Andrew & Susan

When we first talked we had been wanting to get on with investing in property for some time. However, with a young family and limited real available time, we struggled to gain any momentum to get it off the ground. Erskine Owen then took over the process and removed the randomness. After a few sessions to understand your research, targeting and acquisition process, and to brief you on what we were after, you just made it happen, largely without the need for time commitment from us.

You made the due diligence and post purchase renovation process very smooth. All we had to do was effectively reply to emails with decisions. During due diligence there was no stone left unturned, which meant we were very confident about proceeding with the property

Bruce & Amy

During the recent purchase of a property in Auckland I have used the mortgage broking services of Wendy Ryan-Kidd.

I have found Wendy to be extremely professional in her approach and the service she delivered. The outcome was successful in that we secured the mortgage.

Securing the mortgage is ultimately what matters the most but the best part of using her was that way in which this was achieved.

We are professionals based in the UK and have commitments and constraints in the hours that we work and had to manage this as well as the time difference between the two locations.

By using Wendy we were able to limit the time we had to spend in dealing with financing issues in NZ but were confident in the way they were being attended to.  It took away our need to deal with bank queries and negotiations and the general administrative process.

The bank did give us some last minute questions and requests that could have caused stress but Wendy, together with our lawyer dealt with them so we didn’t have to spent the time or hassle sorting them out.

What we appreciated most is the timely responses to our emails and queries and being kept up to date in what was going on.

In summary we would use Wendy again.  We had limited involvement in the process but were kept up to date with progress at all times with timely communication in a process that was ultimately successfully which would be my definition of why you would use a mortgage broker.

Campbell & Coral

We decided to use Erskine Owen because we wanted to buy an investment property but didn’t have the expertise or confidence to do so.  We also didn’t want the hassle of dealing with estate agents or tenants.

Erskine Owen reassured us from the start, solving these problems and making the whole purchasing process easy. You updated us on a regular basis during the search process and, when you did present a property, we had the confidence to go ahead, with the realisation that it was a great investment property for us.

From the time we first viewed the property to the day the tenants moved in was made painless. You removed the “fear factor” that is involved with any house purchase.

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