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Key highlights of this offer:

+ Purpose-built centres in growth locations

+ Quality daycare operators running multiple sites in New Zealand

+ A sector with significant Government support – ECE subsidies underpin tenant revenues

+ $3,450,000 additional Units available in this offer

+ Offer closes upon full subscription

*Projected pre-tax return for full one-year period. Details on how the return will be calculated, and the risk associated with the investment and return, will be set out in the relevant Information Memorandum.

Offers will be restricted to “Wholesale Investors” under clauses 3(2) and 3(3) of Schedule 1 to the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 (or to any other person to whom an exclusion applies under Schedule 1 of that Act).  Preliminary indications of interest are being sought at this stage and no indication of interest will involve an obligation or a commitment to participate in the Offer.

Investment Summary Video

Erskine Owen director Alan Henderson presents a summary of our latest investment opportunity. He discusses the Early Childhood Education sector and why we favour daycare properties.

The summary covers the following topics:

  • Property information
  • Financial information
  • Q&A - What investors are asking us
  • How to invest

Property Settlement Update

Erskine Owen director Alan Henderson discusses the following key topics:

  • What we like about the daycare industry
  • Settlement on property and fund performance to date
  • A commonly asked question – What is the liquidity of the investment?
  • How to invest

Property Details

Newly acquired property

18 Shakespeare Avenue, Enderley, Hamilton

Property Type: Near-new (2020) daycare centre and sealed carparking area. 

Land Area: 2,444 sqm

Floor Area: 584.4 sqm

Purchase Price: $5,000,000

Market Valuation: $5,000,000

Annual Rent: $306,017

Lease Term: Eighteen (18) Years Lease Term from 13 July 2020. Market Rents Reviews on 5th, 10th and 15th anniversary of the commencement date

Tenant: The Rainbow Corner Early Learning Centre Private Limited


Initial property

24 Brent Greig Lane, Burbush, Hamilton

Description: Newly built daycare centre with separate office space and 27 car parks

Land Area: 1,717 sqm

Floor Area: 639 sqm

Purchase Price: $4,193,000

Market Valuation: $4,250,000

Annual Rent: $230,610

Lease Term: Fifteen (15) Years Lease Term from 28 June 2021. Four (4) Rights of Renewal of Five (5) Years each

Tenant: The Rainbow Corner Early Learning Centre Private Limited

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To download the Information Memorandum, please register your details.

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