Buying a New Build vs Existing Property – That is the question

August 25, 2021

Interest deductibility is now ruled out for existing properties… we think (it’s still not completely clear), and will not be ruled out for new builds….probably, which is causing investors to think, “should I invest in new builds or existing properties in New Zealand?” Before the announcement about eliminating interest deductibility for investment properties people typically…

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The Housing Package: Keep calm and act like a camel….

March 31, 2021

The NZ Government has decided they would rather pass a housing package through the eye of a loophole than confront the obvious supply side constraints in the housing market. But this camel has more than one hump and the unintended consequences of their policies are likely to hurt the people the package is designed to help.   How…

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Residential Property Investment Post Covid 19 – Directors Market Commentary

May 19, 2020

Two months ago NZ’s property market was on its way to posting record high house price growth. And then Covid came. While we navigate the property market through these extraordinary and uncertain times – there is one thing that is not new in times of crisis, and that is the speed by which the media…

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