Property Analysis

Is this You?

You’ve found your property you want to buy, and you might even have a conditional contract on it. So is it right for you? A valuaton will tell you what it is worth, and a building inspection will tell you what’s wrong with the dwelling, but have you considered:

  • Whether it will fit your needs. Will the schools in the area work for you as your family grows. Or what is happening with transport – will it be restricted or improve in coming years?
  • Are there significant council development plans you should know about?
  • Is there Housing New Zealand stock close by, or planned developments you should know about? Theirpresence could affect the value of the house over time.
  • What is likely to happen to the demographic in the area?
  • What cultural developments should you conisder? Cultural aspects are often over looked when buying a house, but can have a big impact on values.
  • Is there anything negative to consider about the aspect of the house?
  • What needs to be renovated on the property and what could be delayed?

As the buyer you are emotionally involved with the property, whether you are a home buyer or an investor. So wouldn’t it be great to have an independent part, expert in buying property, give you an objective view?

Property Analysis

We will visit the property and inspect inside and out, take photos and/or a video walk through.  We consider the following in our analysis:

  • Current transport analysis and potential transport development options.
  • Any planned strategic development of the suburb by Council.
  • Current and future demographics analysis
  • Cultural evaluation. For example 10 years ago Kingsland was a fairly run down suburb. Now it has a vibrant restaurant and cafe scene. What potential has your suburb got?
  • Detail any Housing New Zealand properties adjacent to or near your property. Any known planned Housing New Zealand Development.
  • Likely capital growth profile of the suburb relative to neighbouring suburbs.
  • Proximity to transport, shopping, cafes, schooling, parks.
  • Our assessment of the match to your needs or buying profile.
  • Our opinion on general appeal of the property.
  • Assessment of dwelling configuration.
  • Assessment of what work you should consider doing on the property immediately and in the future.
  • Commercial view as to the viability of pursuing any sub division potential.

Due Diligence


Use this service in conjunction with Auction Attendance or Negotiation, or it is included in our Full Buying Service for Home Buyers and Residential Investors.