Auction Attendance

Is this you?

Attending an auction can be a nerve wracking experience if you haven’t done it before. And if you have done it before it may have been a while ago, and you’ve forgotten what it’s like being in the room bidding on a property you really want. Sales agents love auctions because it gives them great exposure, and on Auction day they have the opportunity to get you bidding against other buyers in a highly charged setting. An auction is so much different from having a sales agent come to your home, where you are comfortable, and present a counter offer which you then have the opportunity to go away and think about.

That means that being very sure about what you will and won’t do at an action is very important. You don’t want to walk out of the auction room owning something just because you think you’ll miss out. Don’t forget that if the property hits reserve and the bidding rests with you – at the fall of the hammer you will own the property.

Having an expert represent you is a way to manage the emotions involved in the process. Erskine + Owen have bid at hundreds of property auctions and we’ve seen it all before, dummy bidding, agents trying to work you for just $500 more, phone bidding etc.

Our Auction Bidding Service

1. Comparable Sales Report
We will analyse comparable sales in the area, and using our own extensive market knowledge, help you establish a top bid.

2. Due Diligence
We will co-ordinate and report on any required due diligence prior to the auction (e.g. LIM, property file, building inspection).

2. Auction Documentation and Attendance
Our auction bidding service takes a systematic approach to ensure we are doing everything possible to secure the property for you. We will relieve you of the stress, and manage the whole process, which can be time consuming. We will…

  • Request any variations to the auction contact and submit all required paperwork to the sales agent on your behalf.
  • Attend the auction on your behalf. (We will ring you immediately afterwards with the result.)
  • Develop a bidding strategy based on the auction room on the day.
  • Upon success manage the payment of the deposit on your behalf.
  • Develop a post auction strategy should the property get passed in.

Our Fee

We have a flat fee for this service.  Please call or Email Us to discuss your personal requirements.