What Kind of Property?

Unlike sales companies, we do not have an existing stock of properties to sell.  After establishing a detailed property search brief which fits your personalised Plan we  go out to find a property that fits that brief. We source these types of property:

  • Investment – residential and commercial
  • Business Premises
  • Homes – standalone, units, retirement village units
  • Lifestyle

Investment – Residential and Commercial

We source both residential and commercial property for the private investor.

Our residential property experience is significant – we understand it, know the pitfalls, know what works. We also know commercial, we understand leases and are experienced at negotiating them.

Business Premises

We are expert at sourcing property that will facilitate a business’s growth. We are passionate about understanding the business first, so that we can more intelligently detail a buying profile.  The more comprehensive the buying profile, the more likely a business is to find a property that suits its needs and is therefore able to continue to grow, expand, develop.

We have business backgrounds at both corporate and small business levels developing strategy and business casing development programmes. This means it is second nature for us to be thinking business needs first – and then how the new business premises must serve those needs.

Then, when it comes to searching the work around your profile means we don’t ‘throw’ every available listing in the market place at you in the hope something will stick. Instead, we follow our agreed search strategy and only bring you properties that are a great match to your profile.

That means you spend more time focusing on day to day business activities, rather than getting distracted by a project that is important, but not core business.


Buying a home is an emotional decision – and so it should be. It’s your home, it’s the base from where you live your life. At the same time, the decision involves an investment of  hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars. So it is important to get both the emotional and financial aspects right.

We know how to get to the bottom of what an individual or couple wants. We know the questions to ask, and we are not afraid to probe to ensure we know exactly what it is you are wanting. In fact, as a result of our profile sessions clients often come away more aware of exactly what it is they are wanting. It truly is a discovery process. What is nice about the process is that we can be in the middle of it all helping to facilitate a meaningful discussion.

We then take your brief, your wants, your must haves; your constraints; and do the hard work for you. Searching, inspecting, negotiating. Only once we have a property that is a great fit to your brief do we come to you.


A lifestyle property is perhaps the ultimate ‘dream’ property. Undoubtedly it’s a property you have dream’t of owning for years and you probably have a strong picture or idea of what you want that property to be. So make sure you keep it that –  a dream property –  and don’t get bogged down in stuff that someone else can do . We will do the hard yards of searching and filtering and negotiating so you can enjoy the magic of falling in love with the property.

Whether it be 500 or 50,000 square metres, we can assist.