We Are Buyers' Agents

What Is A Buyer's Agent?


We will research dozens of properties until we find ones that are right for you


We create a customised plan of your financial goals and then tailor a specific buying brief to action this plan.


We go to auction, negotiate the best deal for you, ensuring all checks have been carried out before going unconditional.


We view properties that meet your brief ensuring all the due diligence is completed.

Phase TaskSkills RequiredQualifications
Find & NegotiateSearch
Buyers Agency Licensed Under the REA 2008
Complete TransactionRenegotiateBuyers AgencyLicensed Under the REA 2008
TenancyMarket Research
Planning & Strategy
Customised Buying Brief
Property Management
Plan & PrepareMarket Research
Planning & Strategy
Customised Buying Brief
Commercial & Financial ExpertiseChartered Accountant
Authorised Financial Advisor
Investigate & AccessAnalyse Suitability
Against Profile
Project Management
SettlementDrive SettlementProject Management Experience
Prepare PropertyRenovateProject ManagementExperience

What do they do?

Engaged by a buyer to assist in a property purchase. In our opinion they should only ever act for buyers, however in NZ some do both. They must be licensed under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008.

Questions to ask a buyer's agent

How do you charge? Do you accept referral fees from anyone ? Are you qualified and licensed to act? Do you sell property? Are you knowledgeable about the areas I want to buy in and the types of property I prefer? What is your process?

Why use one?

Save you time, money and frustration. A good buyer’s agent will know the market well, have strong relationships with sales agents and be a great negotiator. Our agents have specific local knowledge.

How to ensure you get a great result

Always sign an engagement letter. Always, always, always conduct a detailed brief. Agree on a communications program up front. Agree to a non-performance solution. Agree to follow through post unconditional date. Go with someone you like and have a good gut feel about

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