Daycare Syndication Fully Subscribed

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Our Daycare Property Syndication is now fully subscribed and currently returning the projected 7% per annum, paid monthly. The five Daycare properties are all fully tenanted by experienced Daycare operators with 10 – 15-year leases. Early Childcare Education (ECE) is a growing business sector and a growth market as demand for childcare increases annually. ECE is also a government-funded sector with contributions made for each pupil in attendance and this is expected to continue over the long term.

We are continually looking for new syndication projects that can offer investors strong annual returns and we look forward to communicating details on the next property soon.

Recently we have been through Due Diligence for a property in the food manufacturing sector which did not meet investment criteria. CCC, fire safety issues, and general wear and tear were likely to incur additional costs in the next few years, that could affect returns to investors. We did not proceed with that property and instead continue to progress with DD in properties that offer a more secure and reliable return.

To find out more about property syndication and the benefits of joining a syndicated property limited partnership, please click on the link below

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