Mortgage Experience Gets Deal Done


On Monday June 1st, a client approached Wendy Ryan-Kidd our in house Mortgage Broker, with a live deal to purchase an investment property with a value of $1.5 million. Their bank had approved only $500k of the $1.5 million they wanted to borrow, using their home to leverage equity.

Wendy quickly assessed the situation and knew she could help. She asked the clients to disengage the $500k originally approved by the bank and gathered the background information required to submit a new approval. This was presented the following day and by the 4th June, the clients received an approval of $1.5 million loan with the same bank!

Success for the clients in a very short time.

Wendy joined Erskine and Owen in 2009 and is responsible for Direct Property Investment Acquisition and Mortgage Advising.

Having worked in the insurance industry early in her career, Wendy has gained extensive knowledge in property, including being involved in property viewing, due diligence, property management and project management. Wendy also has invaluable personal experience as a property investor herself. To see more about our mortgage brokering service click here.