There’s No Place Like Home – Expats Flock to Secure NZ Property Investments

build passive income through investing in propery in nz

New Zealand is once again proving to be a safe port in a storm – especially during this time of political and economic uncertainty.  Expats living in the Asia-Pacific region are at the forefront of those flocking to secure investments back home.

The upsurge in interest began in June last year with the rise in political unrest in Hong Kong.  The accelerating impact of the Covid-19 virus – both in terms of the health and economic effects – has further accelerated the demand.

While other investments are more vulnerable to market freefall – property is proving once again to be the solid investment of choice.  Both residential and commercial property investments in New Zealand are in strong demand through local and offshore institutional investors.

Growing interest in property syndications (or proportionate ownership) also reflects this trend.  Syndications allow investors to pool together to have shared ownership of commercial properties that they would have been unable to access on their own – making syndications an avenue for property investment which is available to a broader range of investors.

In addition to our residential property investment services, Erskine + Owen began offering syndication investments four years ago – and we’ve seen the benefit they offer in terms of being able to diversify your portfolio.   For as little as $50,000 wholesale investors can access these opportunities, which pay a monthly return, plus investors also benefit from the capital appreciation.

Our knowledge of the New Zealand commercial market enables us to find properties that are suitable for syndication and then manage the process throughout the lifetime of the investment.

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