Project management: Subdivision and Residential New Build



We are currently in the process of Project Managing the subdivision and development of a new residential build in Auckland for our client.

We originally bought the property on behalf of our client, knowing that there was subdivision potential.  Having navigated the resource consent issues, you can see we are now nearing the end of the build process. This development will add considerable equity to the client’s portfolio, even before capital gains are accounted for.

To date the process has involved;

  • Initial consultation and assessment to establish whether our client should subdivide and what would the return on investment would be.
  • Pre planning meetings with Auckland Council to investigate options and discover any constraints and issues that might relate to the site that need to be considered.
  • Selection and engagement on our client’s behalf of a Land Surveying consultant to develop planning and engineering options for the site.
  • Applying and managing the application process for sub-divisional consent with council.
  • The tendering and selection of a fixed price Design Build package.
  • Site inspections to track progress in relation to the programme and design intent.
  • Managing and approving supplier payments on behalf of our client.
  • Responding to contract queries.
  • Reporting to our client throughout.

The new build is now well under way and it is anticipated that it will be complete before the programmed date.