E+O procures highly sought after property – secured off market


The market is particularly “hot” in many areas and for some types of property – e.g. 1960’s weatherboard properties on full sites around the $500k mark. Hot can be defined as multiple offers, 6–11, being presented with the accepted offer often being unconditional and at a price that would set a new precedent for the market.

Our clients brief was to find such a property.   Here is what happened: A sales agent was approached by an elderly couple who wanted to sell their property. But they wanted a long and flexible settlement to give them time to find identify suitable property to downsize to.  Due to personal circumstances they were resistant about going to the open market. Many weeks of negotiation culminated in a round table discussion with the vendor, the sales agent and Lisa Phillips from Erskine + Owen. The sales agent ensured the vendor’s interests were protected and at the same time we were able to negotiate creatively for our client.

The result? Our client now owns a highly sought after property that the general public never had access to.


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