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Once you have completed a Plan and Buying Profile you sit back and enjoy life while we get to work – working our networks and monitoring all stock for sale. While we give you weekly updates there isn’t a lot of activity from your perspective – but rest assured we working hard in the background to get you a result.

Our methods of search are probably different from how you would approach it. Our first port of call is to speak to all the agents we have relationships with who know we buy and brief them on your profile. Over the next few weeks they usually ring as soon as they have a new listing coming up so we can start considering it. That means, by the time a property hits trade me, or the Property Press we have probably already seen it. On occasions we are quoted property where the vendor does not wish to market it, and so the agent only rings his/ her contacts to look for a ‘stressless’ sale.

We pass over a lot of property, we look through a lot of property and our team closely considers property that may closely fit the profile, but some small elements might rule it out.

Our vetting process is as follows:

  1. Our property buyer identifies a suitable property
  2. Director Alan Henderson reviews -‘ is it a fit with the financial plan?’ and ‘is it a negotiable deal?’
  3. It is then passed to Lisa Phillips for a closer vetting for match to profile, and – ‘is it a great property?’

By having this separation client interface and property buying responsibilities, it means we are more focused on finding great properties, rather than just trying to get a deal across the line. When only one person runs the whole process there can be less objectivity.


We have a team of Property Buyers that are headed up by Director Lisa Phillips.


Once you have completed a Plan and Buying Profile session we can begin looking for property.  This is part of our Full Acquisition Service.


Villa and purchased sign

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