Property Management

What’s the point of investing if you don’t meet your goals? Our focus is simple – maximum return on your property investment. Your financial goal is our target.

Property management is a critical part of developing and running a successful property investment portfolio. At Erskine and Owen we believe it’s all about helping to drive the portfolio to achieve your financial goals.  Maximise income, minimise expenditure, look for opportunities to increase equity through smart renovation or development.  And that is what drives our property management business – maximising return on investment for our clients.

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Not all property managers are equal, and we believe that it is our commitment to the following that set’s us apart…

  1. Reviewing Rents every 6 months.
  2. Repairs & Maintenance will only be conducted if
    a. they allow us to increase rent.
    b. it is a tangible health and safety issue.
    c. it will prevent greater expenditure in the near future.
    Our property managers are not remunerated on a commission basis, therefore they are not motivated to encourage you to spend any more on the property than necessary.
  3. Annual Property Reviews recommending renovation &/or development options to increase equity.
  4. Initial 6 week inspection, then a minimum of four inspections per annum. We provide a comprehensive report to our owners, including photos.
  5. Communicating Rent Arrears along with what we are doing to fix it.

Of course in addition to this we do all the normal property management duties, but it’s our passion for helping clients build and maintain great property portfolios that makes us unique.

In addition to our property management service we also offer an annual review of your property portfolio with Director Alan Henderson, Chartered Accountant and Authorised Financial Advisor. And you will have access to our in-house mortgage specialist for advice on establishing and maintaining your finance structure.

Learn more about Point’s Property Management Process or How can I switch here.

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