Buying property in New Zealand is now a lot more challenging than just a few years ago. Higher prices and more restrictive lending has constrained many.

We have a solution.

Erskine + Owen have launched syndication property investment.

Simply put – it means shared ownership by pooling together with other investors to access property you couldn’t buy alone or may not want to.

For NZ$100k (minimum) you get exposure to a syndication offer that will be standalone dwellings on full site land parcels.

Advantages to syndication:

  • Opportunity to gain access to the property market, when you may currently be unable to invest.
  • Exposure to the property market with sensible leverage.
  • Access to potentially higher-value and higher growth freehold property.
  • Potential risk mitigation: with maximum funding of 50%, the bank will not require personal guarantees and has recourse only to the property.*
  • Leverage Erskine + Owen’s considerable buying experience.

Our syndication opportunities are only open to “wholesale investors.” Click here to read an article to help determine whether you qualify.  Alternatively, you can visit the Financial Markets Authority website here.

There’s always going to be a good reason not to invest; waiting for the market to peak, for the market to bottom out, for the market to start lifting… But, the biggest reason for failure at property investment…? Not acting.

* Based on current bank policy as at March 2017.

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