How on earth are you expected to grow your business and embark on the time consuming process of finding a new premises, then negotiating a deal? The answer is, with difficulty.

You only have so many hours in the day and if you start taking your eyes off business development opportunities, sales and bottom line… well, you know the rest.

But business premises are really important. Get it wrong, and you can hinder production and expansion. Get it right, and you’ll liberate your business, and improve staff moral.

Business Leasing Service

We offer a comprehensive business leasing service, following a 2 step process.

We always start by gaining an in-depth understanding of your business. This is the foundation for defining your premises needs. Finding new business premises can be vitally important, and we need to get it right.

You may have run out of space and need to move to avoid stunting growth, or you may have identified the need for traffic past your door. At E+O we understand that growing and maintaining business profitability requires serious focus, so we want to save you the distraction of non-operational activity. You get back to business operations, and we will project manage the whole premises challenge.

For example, we recently helped a curtain cleaning business. During the interview process we discovered the owner thought it would be beneficial to move from her existing location to somewhere more central, so her client base could drop off more easily. However, on probing we discovered that 80% of clients pay the pick-up and re-hang service fee. At that price it was unlikely being completely central would generate much of an increase in drop offs. So we kept the lease profile to further away from the city, saving significant rent costs.

Once we have your agreed search profile, we leverage our considerable network it identify premises that meet your brief.

This step includes:

  1. Find, Select, Premises Analysis, Comparative Lease Research, Premises Introduction
  2. Contract Negotiation
  3. Due Diligence (investigate lease and body corporate agreement)

So what are your business needs? We think that’s where it should all start. Why not contact us to talk about them? Ask us for our business premises profiling template.

Contact us for a detailed price guide, +649 377 6463 or