Buying industrial properties in New Zealand is now a lot more challenging than it was a few years ago, which is why Erskine + Owen now offer syndication opportunities. This allows shared ownership by pooling together with other investors to access industrial properties you couldn’t buy alone or may not want to.

Current investment opportunities


NZ Warehousing & Logistics Property Fund LP

Invest in industrial properties servicing growth sectors with 6.75%* projected cash return paid monthly.


NZ Daycare Properties Fund LP

Limited opportunity to invest in a Government-backed sector with 6.25%* projected cash return paid monthly.

Why invest in property funds?

Direct investment in commercial property

Historically a highly stable asset class

Capital growth

Opportunity for capital growth as well as strong cash returns

High value commercial property

Invest in quality commercial properties that would be out of reach for a single investor


Option to sell share on a secondary market without having to exit an entire property