2017 New Zealand Property Market Update – Mid Winter Tour

Wondering when and where to invest in property?

If you are a property owner or intending to become one, this presentation will help you make better decisions to protect and generate your property wealth.

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Presentation highlights 

  • Insights on the NZ property market enabling you to make the right choices.
  • There is a currently a big demand/ supply imbalance, we explain the impact on price growth.
  • Auckland’s housing challenge, the Unitary Plan and the resulting impact on the Auckland property market.
  • What we can expect from the other main cities.
  • A simple process for deciding the best places to buy for capital growth.
  • Our top pick capital growth areas and types of property.
  • The impact of the 40% deposit requirement for Auckland buyers.
  • Impact of the bright-line test for residential property sales.
  • The state of the New Zealand economy, and its impact on the housing market.

We will also discuss Auckland supply and the proposed Unitary Plan

In March 2013 the Auckland City Council released its draft Unitary Plan as debate raged in the media over how to solve Auckland’s housing supply crisis. Auckland needs 400,000 new homes over the next 30 years and under the current district plan it is forecast we will only be able to create 300,000. Will the proposed plan solve this problem?
Auckland Supply and the Unitary Plan

Who are Erskine + Owen

We are one of New Zealand’s first dedicated buyers’ agents, licensed under the REAA 2008. We are passionate about helping our clients buy great property. Buyer’s agents are a relatively new concept in New Zealand, but common in Australia, the US and the United Kingdom. We tailor buying solutions to our clients’ individual goals and needs. These are based on our in-depth research into capital growth drivers and urban development.  We will share some of this research at our Property Update events this year.

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