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New Zealand Property Market Update 2018

The NZ general election has been and gone, and we now have a new government. What does this mean for the New Zealand property market? Should you be worried?

If you have an interest in property, our presentations on the current factors influencing the New Zealand property market will help you make better decisions to protect and generate your property wealth.

Presentation highlights

  • First 40% and now a 35% deposit requirement for investors – what has the impact been?
  • According to the new government their focus is “crack down on speculators” and “build more affordable houses”. How realistic are these goals in the current economic climate?
  • Impact of a 5 year bright-line test.
  • How lending criteria affects offshore investors (including Kiwi expats) with an overseas income.
  • Impact of banning foreign ownership on demand/ values.
  • How likely is it that the proposed debt-to-income ratio lending policy will be introduced – what will this mean for investors?
  • What’s the status of Auckland’s Unitary Plan and will this be the answer to the supply/ demand imbalance?
  • Trump, Brexit – how resilient is the NZ economy to international pressures?
  • What will happen to interest rates?
  • Is Auckland still the best place to invest, or should you consider other cities?
  • Our top pick areas in NZ with high capital growth.
  • The key ingredients that you need to know for successful long-term investment.

Presented by Alan Henderson, Director, Chartered Accountant, Authorised Financial Advisor, and Licensed Agent under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008.

Over the last 15 years of advising property buyers Alan has partnered with many clients to help them build high-performing property portfolios, through strategic planning, asset structuring, feasibility of development projects and portfolio performance review. He does this by drawing on his own personal experience of successful property investment for the past 20 years.

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