Offer Summary

+ The projected annual net operating cash flow return yield to LP’s is 7.0%

+ A combined property of 1,693m2 only 300m from Hastings CBD

+ Includes two fully tenanted buildings and 30+ carparks

 + The Minimum investment is $50,000

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This offer is restricted to “Wholesale Investors” or 'Eligible Investors" Under clauses 3(2) and 3(3)(a) of schedule 1 to the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013

This Offer Is Now Fully Subscribed

301 Railway Road 


The 301 Railway Road main building comprises an early two storey residence estimated to have been constructed around 1920. The property is on 598m2 of land 300 metres from Hastings CBD

In addition, there is a separate workshop/store building which includes an amenities area. The main tenant is education provider, Learning Innovations, who have a 3 year lease over the principal building. The 3 car parks on the property are also leased.

The property is zoned Central Commercial which provides significant flexibility for a wide range of retail, office and residential activities to establish and operate in the centre of Hastings. In accordance with Section 9.9 of the plan commercial activities and residential activities except at ground floor level on sites with designated retail frontage shall be permitted.


303 Railway Road 


On the 303 Railway Road, property is a purpose-built small taxi depot building, originally constructed in 1973. The 100 m2 building is partitioned to include office space, staff room, and related amenities.

Attached to the side of the building is a canopy structure and a concrete yard area surrounds the building, with a metaled yard at the back of the property. The property is on 1,095m2 of land and some 300 metres from Hastings CBD.

The property is currently occupied by Hastings Taxis, who have a 3 year lease over the building and front part of the property. The rear of the property, comprising 25 carparks, is leased to NZ Police for 2 years.


Investments in syndicated commercial and industrial property does carry risk. Prospective investors must determine whether the investment is appropriate having regard to their own investment objectives and financial situation. Investors are encouraged to seek independent financial, tax and legal advice on these matters.

The Offeror and General Partner considers that the most significant risk factors that could affect the value of a Limited Partnership interest are:

+ Loss of rental income: A default by any tenant in paying rent and outgoings may affect forecast returns.

+ Re-leasing: Costs may be incurred in any future re-leasing of the property and failure to re-lease will likely affect its value.

+ Interest rate and bank risk: Interest rate movements are unable to be accurately predicted and an increase in interest rates may affect returns and bank covenant compliance.

+ Capital expenditure risk: Capital expenditure for the property may be more than budgeted.

No warranty or representation is made in respect of whether the revenue, expenses, or any capital appreciation in the future will be achieved. Actual results are likely to be different to the forecasts since anticipated events frequently do not occur as expected and the variation may be significant. Accordingly, Erskine + Owen, its shareholders, directors, employees, advisors or agents nor any other person can provide any assurance with respect to such information.