We Offer A Complete Property Solution

Erskine + Owen provide professional expertise and advice on property investment. Our relentless focus on finding the best properties has helped hundreds of clients build lasting wealth.

Property Planning

Everyone has aspirations and dreams for the future, we want to find out about yours and show you how, and what you need to do to make an actionable plan.

Property Profiling

We overlay extensive capital growth and yield research to make a recommendation as to where and what to buy that becomes a blueprint for searching.

Property Sourcing

Giving us control of the buying process
enables us to leverage our considerable network to identify the properties
that meet your brief. 

Mortgage Brokering

Our in house Mortgage Broker will save you time and stress while getting you the best deal for your personal circumstances.

I'm An Ex-pat

Whether you are in or outside New Zealand our process remains the same

Property Management

Our sister company Point Property Management will maximise your returns today and grow them for tomorrow.