This 2 hour personalised planning session will help you to solidify a vision for your portfolio.  It will help you to determine where you are going, and to understand what you will need to do to get there.

We all know what we want. Passive income, a place to grow a family, a business premises that won’t hold us back. But what are the specific goals around those drivers? How do you get there? Where do you start?

Start with the end in mind. The stats around planning are compelling. Businesses are far more likely to succeed if they are planned out. Marathon runners are more likely to succeed with a training plan. Property is no different. Planning is vital to getting goals clear and setting out a strategy – knowing where you are going, and how you’re going to get there. Your property investment plan doesn’t need to be complex.  But you do need to create and execute a plan with a clear WHY, WHEN and HOW. These three elements work together powerfully; the purpose motivates you; the vision keeps you focused; and the strategy makes it practical and achievable.

Why Plan?

Everyone has lifestyle aspirations and dreams for the future. We want to find out about yours. We want to show you how, and what you need to do to make them happen. By starting early and investing wisely, you can achieve more than you think.

At Erskine + Owen we offer a personalised planning session that will help you solidify your unique ‘PLAN’. We translate your personal goals into concrete financial goals. And we teach you how and why, if done well, property is a highly effective vehicle for creating wealth over the long term.

You will leave this personalised session with your goals clearly defined and a specific ‘road map’ for achieving them.

What you will get from your session

  • Clarity around your goals and the direction you are heading in.
  • Knowledge of what you need to purchase and when, to achieve these goals.
  • An approach strategy for what and where you should buy.
  • A financial plan designed around your cashflow.  You will understand tax losses, and how they can help service cash shortfalls on a property.
  • You will be shown how to account for the impact of multiple properties, different income levels, various splits or losses, and the use of equity in your own home.
  • An understanding of tenancy and how to minimise your vacancy rates.
  • Confidence and motivation.  Property investment is easy with a plan.
  • An understanding of loan type.  We show you why ‘interest only’ loans are not as scary as you might think!

Easy to follow Plan session

AqquiPro Screen Shot

With the assistance of our own in-house proprietary software we are able to work through all concepts in a graphical and easy to understand way. We answer any questions you may have, and make sure we fill any knowledge gaps.

We also drill down in detail on the numbers and analyse what your buying pattern and expected outcomes might look like.

Plan and optimise your chances of success

We’ve been doing this long enough to see how Plans do work for our clients.  By going through a planning process we become more passionate about our goals, and more committed to seeing them achieved. It clarifies what action is due, and when.

At Erskine + Owen the Plan is tailored to your individual goals, circumstances and financial profile.  Formulate a plan with us and optimise your chances of success.


Our plan sessions are conducted by Director Alan Henderson.  Alan is a PriceWaterhouseCoopers trained Chartered Accountant and an Authorised Financial Advisor with a background in property tax and accounting. His experience and qualifications allow him to develop for you a personalised view of what your cashflows will look like, including your finance structure, and he is legally able to give you personalised advice. A full disclosure statement is available on request.


The Financial Plan session can be done at any time to help you make decisions about property investment.  It also builds the foundation from which your Buying Profile is developed, and is included as part of our Full Search Service for Residential and Commercial Investors.