Here what our clients have to say about our mortgage brokering service…

Bruce and Amy

“During the recent purchase of a property in Auckland I have used the mortgage broking services of Wendy Ryan-Kidd. I have found Wendy to be extremely professional in her approach and the service she delivered. The outcome was successful in that we secured the mortgage.

Securing the mortgage is ultimately what matters the most but the best part of using her was that way in which this was achieved. We are professionals based in the UK and have commitments and constraints in the hours that we work and had to manage this as well as the time difference between the two locations.

By using Wendy we were able to limit the time we had to spend in dealing with financing issues in NZ but were confident in the way they were being attended to. It took away our need to deal with bank queries and negotiations and the general administrative process.

The bank did give us some last minute questions and requests that could have caused stress but Wendy, together with our lawyer dealt with them so we didn’t have to spent the time or hassle sorting them out. What we appreciated most is the timely responses to our emails and queries and being kept up to date in what was going on.

In summary we would use Wendy again. We had limited involvement in the process but were kept up to date with progress at all times with timely communication in a process that was ultimately successfully which would be my definition of why you would use a mortgage broker.”

Daniel and Rachel

“Wendy has been incredibly efficient and supportive in securing us the necessary finance for our first home in New Zealand.  Despite some challenges in describing our financial position due to new jobs and contracts, she was able to negotiate with a number of banks and produce an outcome that we were very pleased with.  I would certainly look to use Wendy’s services in the future, as parts of our mortgage mature.”

Darren and Lorna

“It is very tough to juggle work, a young family, and planning our financial future. Luckily, Wendy was able to take a lot of stress off of our backs by doing a great job with the financing of our property. I am now able to focus on my job and family since we no longer have to take time off to deal with the banks.

We highly recommend Wendy if you are looking for someone who knows how to deal with the banks and works hard to get you the best deal possible.”

Sarah and James

“Having Wendy as our mortgage broker made it easy to work out finance as the leg work was done for us, which was especially handy as we have busy lives. Wendy was informative and easy to deal with, and answered our queries promptly.”

Rob Ellis

“Recently we decided to return to New Zealand after many years living in London and then undertook a search for a new home in Auckland. Although the property search was largely straightforward, negotiating financing proved to be a hassle while leading a busy life offshore. However, Wendy was able to make our life so much easier by doing a superb job with looking for the best deals in New Zealand. Thanks to her, we were presented with an excellent range of financing choices that were much better than we would have been able to negotiate for ourselves.

If you are living overseas and you are thinking about getting finaning to buy property in New Zealand, you can’t go wrong with Wendy if you are looking for a broker who is informative, patient, and makes you feel involved in the process through excellent communication, and quick and clear responses to any questions you might have.”

Shelley and Brett

‘We used Wendy from Erskine & Owen to negotiate our mortgage on our behalf. Living in Sydney, we found it extremely useful to have someone we trusted do this on our behalf. She saved us hours of going between banks to negotiate between offered rates – as well as the stress of having to lead those negotiations. She was efficient and informative and secured us a competitive market rate with minimal input from us. We would recommend her to those living overseas as well as those in NZ, as it takes one less stress out of buying a new home”

Sheryl McEwen and Brian Ward

“My husband and I approached Wendy with regard to a top-up to our mortgage. This was done at short notice due to our mortgage coming shortly up for renewal. She facilitated offers from two banks and kept us fully informed at each stage of the process. She discussed all details with us; answered all questions without hesitation; gave advice when asked for; and promptly arranged paperwork with our lawyer. I highly recommend approaching Wendy for advice when arranging a mortgage.”


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