A banker?

Perhaps you have clients that can afford to buy property, and perhaps are even trying to, but their lack of time and knowledge is hindering the process. Or maybe you have a portfolio of clients that could buy, but just need a bit of assistance.

Until now it has been difficult to know who you can refer these clients to for impartial, independent advice and assistance. Referring to a property sales agent is perhaps not appropriate, because as honest as these people are, they are not in a position to be impartial. All they can do is offer opportunities they have on their books.

But now there is solution – a buyer’s agent. Erskine + Owen is one of the first licensed deidcated buyers’ agents in New Zealand, under the REAA 2008. We are engaged by buyers. and only represent the buyer – not sellers. We are different because we can negotiate on any property for sale in the market place, as well as private sales. Add to that our commercial and professional backgrounds, as well as our own extensive property owning experience, and you get a unique blend of skills that few others will be able to match.

We are very happy to have an obligation free conversation with any of your clients about their property challenge. Why not contact us to find out more?

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