Want property – no time

Andrew and Susan, Auckland
When we first talked we had been wanting to get on with investing in property for some time. However, with a young family and limited real available time, we struggled to gain any momentum to get it off the ground. We’d spent numerous weekends starting to research areas we thought might work and putting calls into agents, but would then get interrupted and have to start again months later. It was proving to be quite a random process. We realised, that while we were capable of building a portfolio, we simply did not have the focus and continuous time available to make it happen.

Erskine + Owen then took over the process and removed the randomness. After a few sessions to understand your research, targeting and acquisition process and brief you on what we were after, you just made it happen, largely without the need for time commitment from us. Clearly you had the knowledge – the research was fantastic. It meant we knew with certainty where and what to buy – and perhaps more importantly, why. Then you sourced and presented a great property using your experience and networks – and we are very happy with it. It became clear to us that your networks and experience with searching, filtering and negotiating allow you to deliver a result that, even if we did have the time, we would not have achieved on our own. It seems you are effectively tapping in to a ‘wholesale market’ that we, effectively as ‘retail’ punters, would never be able to access.

You made the due diligence and post purchase renovation process very smooth. All we had to do was effectively reply to emails with decisions. During due diligence there was no stone left unturned, which meant we were very confident about proceeding with the property.  The property needed renovation. You guided us as to what work we should do, gave us a budget, then project managed to a timely completion, as well delivering largely on budget. The costs you can achieve with your team of trades people seem to be a lot sharper than what we could get on our own. And finally, you recommended and co-ordinated the property manager to get a great tenant in as we were taking possession of the property – that meant no rental down time.

We felt very happy with the outcome and feel relieved and excited to have finally got going with our plan. It was such a painless experience. We were also pleased you included us both at each stage of the process.

We’d highly recommend that anyone who wants to invest but is time poor, or finds themselves starting and stopping the process on their own, or searching without result, or can’t easily obtain your knowledge; skill; and experience, talk to you.

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